Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crafting Wednesday

Ok, so I love crafting, but I find it hard to get motivated because my craft/library/music/office room has looked a little un-motivational the past several months.... I'll just show you.

I have more, but you get the point... it's blah and messy. I didn't even have the desk up. Since this is not my house I can't just paint the walls a cool orange that will motivate me, so I had to get creative.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and got some great deals on some supplies.

I found a package of 4 pieces of square cork board. It was inexpensive, priced at 9.99 but they were 30% off... discounts are good... free is even better (that's my motto anyway). Then I found these really cool packages of little fabric squares. Instead of having to buy a whole yard of fabric, and only using a little, I got to find a cool package of 5 coordinating fabrics, wrapped up in a cool ribbon. The cost was 9.99 again, but I used a coupon for 40% off... cha ching!
This project also takes a glue gun.

Step !: Iron your fabric. I wasn't going to iron it, and then I realized I would have these crazy creases... which would look dumb. So when you do it, do it right.

Step 2: Lay your cork board in the middle of your fabric and fold the edges around and hot glue. I discovered that you need to fold the sides like you are wrapping a present, it makes the edges much crisper in the front.

Final step: Hang them up on your wall! You are done! Wasn't that easy?!

Oh and P.s.~ I got my desk up too!

Next week I will be on time for Crafting Mondays!

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