Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a blogging routine and pictures

The best blogs I read post at least once a day and have lots of pictures... I am so behind the curve.
However, I intend on being one of the greatest bloggers of all time (hehe), so I must post more often and post pictures as well.
On that note, I will be posting a craft project I did yesterday on here tomorrow... I intended to post it yesterday and start, crafting mondays on my blog.... but sadly I got distracted by something shiny. Thus, this week will be crafty wednesday, and next week I will hopefully do a better job.
After all this is about my love, life, and ministry which involves crafts, art, music, wedding prep. etc. I couldn't just pick one area, because all are a part of who I am.
So if you are reading this... vast expanse known as the blogosphere... I will be posting a craft tomorrow.

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